Recap: Valentine's Day of Compassion

Normally Valentine's Day is about romantic love, but here at A2F, we look it as an opportunity to love the people who are often forgotten.

So this year, we split up by homegroup/classes and went all across to different places across San Diego, such as convalescent homes and homeless shelters to share a program about God's love. Afterwards, we were able to spend time with the kids/residents and got to hear their stories and backgrounds. We even met some residents who still faithfully pray and continue to attend service, even in their current physical state, which was really inspiring to many of us.

It's so easy to be caught up in the bubble of classes and the busy schedule of college, but sometimes just going out to the community just outside the campus puts everything in life in a different perspective.

Here are some pictures of some groups!



Recap: Sister's Night!

On Friday 2/10, all the sisters gathered at Malamud for our annual Sisters’ Night: a memorable time full of laughs, good talks, belly-warming food, and bonding. Amidst the baby’s breath and succulent centerpieces, we explored the theme of Fully Known and Fully Loved. We shared our life journeys in notebooks that the Seniors hand made. We read Psalm 119 and talked about Jesus and the bleeding woman in Mark 5. We listened to testimony sharings from Wendy and Cathy, which helped us to share openly and vulnerably in turn. Each of these elements helped us to see that God knows us fully and still loves us fully so we can come to him without any masks on. Afterwards, we enjoyed a delicious and vast dessert spread provided by the older sisters and each of us got to take home a succulent in a decorated pot to remind us of all that we had learned.

Check out the pictures below!

Recap: Snow Trip

Snow in San Diego?! No, not yet at least. But this past weekend, our retreat site called Sky Mountain Camp in the Big Bear Mountains had a lot of snow recently. So for many of us Californians, who rarely experience a snowy winter, we took it as an opportunity to play in the snow! Up in the mountains, we had a snowball fight, went sledding, and even had a snowman contest!

Looked like everyone had fun.






Recap: Winter Retreat!

Usually Julian is known for it's apple pies, but this year, we went to Julian for our annual winter retreat! So during the MLK weekend, we left our busy lives at UCSD at headed to the mountains of Julian for a time of fellowship and hearing God's word.

Pastor Jonathan from our Berkeley Church came to speak us to this time and through his messages, he had us reexamine what it means to be a Christian today through studying characters in the bible such as Pharaoh and the Demon-Possessed Man. He also challenged us whether as Christians were we actually followers or admirers of Jesus.

We also learned about Heroes of Faith in the past, teachers and missionaries such as John Wesley, Verent Mills, CT Studd and Gladys Aylward who showed a devotion to God that almost seemed unheard of in society today. 

By the end of the retreat, there were about 20 Salvation/Lordship Decisions! We were really blessed by the messages and enjoyed taking time to spend with one another away from school. But as we left the mountain, and returned to the normalcy of college life, we were reminded to carry on the the unfinished task to the people we know and our campus, just like the many Heroes of Faith before us.

Recap: Thanksgiving Celebration

As the season of Thanksgiving approaches,here at A2F means it's time for Thanksgiving Celebration!

But we're not only celebrating the beginning of break, but rather we're celebrating what God has done in our church this past year. Throughout the night, each class prepared different acts, reminding us of what happened this past year. Some acts were fun, some were deep, but they all were entertaining in their own way. We also got to hear many personal stories from people of how God worked in their life, which was really eye-opening.

Of course, it wouldn't be called Thanksgiving Celebration, if we didn't have Thanksgiving Food! We baked over 30 turkeys in addition to having all the traditional sides. Not to mention, a dessert bar to finish it off..

To wherever you were this past Thanksgiving, hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Recap: Coronado Outing

Recap: Coronado Outing

On Saturday, the freshman class took an outing to the sandy shores of the Coronado Beach. The getaway was filled with activity – after a brief icebreaker, we split up into homegroups for a sand-sculpting contest! Homegroups worked hard to build the sand sculpture that best represents their college, using only the beach’s imported sand, a few shovels, buckets, and popsicle sticks! Many homegroups exhibited great attention to detail with their creations. One resourceful group incorporated seaweed into their design, while another group incorporated… abs?! Interesting.

Then the competition continued with beach volleyball and ultimate Frisbee! It was a wonderful showing of epic catches, great hustle, and sportsmanship. As always, running around in the sand left many of us hungry and excited to eat. Dinner included hot dogs and hobo packs, which smelled and tasted amazing. Shout out to Tony Sun, who prepared all the food for us! As the sky darkened, we sat around bonfires, telling stories, hanging out, and getting to know one another over s’mores, a tasty conclusion to the day. Be sure to join us on our next outing!

Recap: TFN and Scavenger Hunt!

Recap: TFN and Scavenger Hunt!

This past Friday for TFN, all the homegroups got together for dinner, and met up to study the Parable of the Great Banquet. We gained some insightful knowledge about God’s personal, open invitation that has been extended to each one of us.

After the bible study, we went on an Instagram video scavenger hunt! I am always up for some friendly homegroup versus homegroup competition, and this night was no exception: the creativity was flowing as teams sought to make the videos. Categories included a kung-fu fighting epic, a cringe-worthy or awesome boy band music video, an over-dramatic first-world problem, and even scenes straight out of horror films!

All the hard work and running paid off when we returned to Peterson Hall for a screening of the night’s cinematography. All in all, it was a fantastic showing across the board, with many memorable moments captured on video. Hope to see you next time!


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Recap: A2F Kickoff!

The school year has finally begun! Which also means A2F Kickoff is here! 

We began the night with another skit, this time the "Race of a Lifetime Skit", once again performed by our sophomore class. This was later tied in to our bible study on the Prodigal Son, as he eventually found out getting whatever he wanted, wasn't as actually as fulfilling as he thought. And perhaps, this could relate to our own lives.

We then ended our night having a friendly competition among the homegroups, playing games such as "Minute to Win it", "Mad Gab", and the "Price is Right". It all made out to be a very lively and exciting time!

Recap: New Student Welcome Night!

After days, full of welcome week events, here at A2F we saved our biggest event for last -- also known as New Student Welcome Night!

 Ready to begin!

Ready to begin!

This year we were able to meet over 800 students! We began the event with a video to show what our group is about and a skit which humorously described the types of people who come into college; People with big ambitions, yet deep inside still rooted with insecurity and a longing for acceptance. We then ended the program with had an engaging talk based on the Parable of the Rich Fool of Luke 12, which talked about the frailty and temporal nature of things in this world, and that life shouldn't really just consist of gathering possessions . Rather, we should pursue the answer to bigger and deeper questions of life, which ultimately led to an invitation to learn about Christianity and what it has to say regarding these questions this upcoming school year.

Of course per tradition, we ended the night with a Korean BBQ dinner, in addition to root beer floats as we set booths by college so students who were interested in joining a homegroup could meet eachother! Throughout the night, there were many stories of people who not only enjoyed the program, but really wanted to learn more about Christianity in the future. Hopefully, many people can look back at this night and say "This is how ____ started ". Looking forward to the begin the new school year!

Recap: Sophomore SoCal Summer Hangout!

This past Saturday, the sophomore class had an all Southern California reunion!  For some of us, we haven't seen eachother since the school year ended, so we made the two hour drive up to LA to meet those who had been spending their summer in the LA area.

We began the afternoon with a hike near Griffith Observatory, and enjoyed an awesome view of LA at the top. Along the hike you could also see the famous "Hollywood" Sign!

After the hike, we then treated ourselves to a Korean BBQ Dinner to end the night. Overall, it was a great time reconnecting with eachother! Can't wait to get the whole class together this fall!  

Recap: Run for Missions 5K!

This past Saturday, we held our annual "Run for Missions: 5K"! to support for our two trips this summer, our Camp Blue Mission Trip in Taiwan, and the Rutgers Vision Trip!

 5K about to start..

5K about to start..

Even though it was early in the morning, it was encouraging to see so many people, from kids to parents come out and support a great cause. Most of us don't run a lot, but we still had a lot of fun=) Also, thankfully, nobody got hurt!

Once again thank you for your support!





Recap: The Letters - Week 2!

This past Friday, we continued with our Letter's message series, as we are trying to increase our domain knowledge in the epistles. Continuing from last week's content on Ephesians, we finished the rest of the book, going through Ephesians 4-6. If you want to follow along for yourself, the doodle is online here!

 Studying Ephesians together!

Studying Ephesians together!

To test who could remember the most from studying the whole book of Ephesians the past two weeks, we had a friendly class competition of Jeopardy! on the content. It was a competitive game, but if my memory recalls, the seniors came out on top! Will then closed our time talking about what Paul meant when he told the Ephesians in chapter 4  to "Walk in a manner worthy of the Lord".

It's been pretty amazing how we just learned a whole book of the Bible in just a few hours! I believe next week we will be moving on to Philippians..


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Recap: The Letters!

This summer for our Friday Nights, we are going through the epistles in the Bible as we try to increase our domain knowledge chapter by chapter in the epistles. This past Friday we went over Ephesians 1-3. For those of you at home, you can follow along here!

We then divided into small subgroups by class and tried to explain each chapter to eachother using the doodles. Lastly, each group then created a presentation to explain one of the chapters we studied. The presentations were creative--from art, poetry, songs, raps, and dances. Nonetheless, we were all very blessed by the performances! Looking forward to learn a lot this summer!

Recap: HOTSpots!

What are HOTSpots? HOTSpots stands for "Hang Out Time". So this summer every Wednesday, 3-4 houses open up their homes for everyone to get to know eachother while enjoying a home cooked meal. Be sure to continually check the website for new locations every week!

Here's some pictures of the HotSpots that happened this past week! 

Recap: July 4th Weekend with A2F!

With the long weekend, this July 4th weekend, we took a roadtrip to our retreat site near Big Bear Lake called Sky Mountain Camp (SMC). Once we got there, we had a barbecue, hiked around the area, and even took out the kayaks to the lake for the first time! 

After the fun outdoor adventures, we ended the weekend with a bang! , as we had a 4th of July Picnic and enjoyed fireworks at Mira Mesa High School! We had really close seats and it was definitely exciting to be that close to the action! To sum up, a packed but memorable weekend!

RECAP: Graduations and Grad Sunday

We made it!!!

The class of 2016 has officially graduated! Through all the ups and downs, God has been so faithful to us, and He has blessed our class richly with His love and mercy through precious relationships in the church.

On Saturday, Warren and Sixth held their graduations, while Marshall, Revelle, ERC, and Muir graduations were held on Sunday. With our caps decorated with verses or proclamations that “We Walk By Faith”, we were so excited to go through the graduation ceremony, knowing that our families and friends were in the audience cheering for us.

After the ceremony and the crazy search for our families in the crowds of graduates and loved ones, we took photos at the Rimac steps or in front of Hojel.

This time marks an end of a chapter in our lives, and through our years in college, God has led us in so many ways. But, the journey of faith continues as we transition into working life, and we commit to following God with our all. Thank you to all the leaders and everyone who came to celebrate this time together with us!

We look forward to growing and serving God even more in the future!

Recap: Frosh Bros Camping Trip!

Over Memorial Day Weekend, Tommy, Darwin, and Kevin took some of the freshman brothers camping! The group left San Diego after service and drove east to the Oak Grove Campground, where they set up for the night. Sitting around the campfire, the guys bonded over lots of meat and shared about what they look forward to in the future. Before going to bed, the guys took advantage of being in the wilderness, and spent some time looking at the stars in the night sky.

The next morning began with devotionals and more eating. The bros then drove over to the statues in the Anza Borrego Desert and hiked Slot Canyon. Though the journey was dusty and difficult, it was no problem at all for the first-years! After working up an appetite, they treated themselves to pies from Julian Pie Company. While in the area, they visited some of the local shops and then headed over to Lake Cuyamaca to play spikeball and frisbee!

The trip concluded with dinner at Phil’s BBQ, where the guys tried to consume even more meat! Apparently this was too much for some of the freshmen, who requested salad!

This was a precious time of fellowship, an opportunity to grow closer together as brothers in Christ to prepare for the impending but exciting sophomore year. I’m sure the trip produced many memorable moments they will cherish for years to come!

Recap: RE:fresh!

Acts2Fellowship has been at UCSD for almost six years now, so the opportunity for a "first" nowadays are few and far between. But this past Friday, we did something we've never done before--an outreach night called Re:Fresh done only by the freshmen class!

So for three weeks, with a little coaching from the freshman staff, the students tirelessly practiced everything that goes into an outreach night, from the ambiance in the room, welcoming people, making food, performing skits, and creating special music. It was a lot of work, but it was all in the hope of making a program that everyone could invite their friends too. That perhaps through coming, they would see what Acts2fellowship is about, and really investigate for themselves the bigger questions in life.

During the program, the freshman performed the "Race of a Lifetime Skit", and through that we saw a picture of how we should actually approach life--not mindlessly following the crowd, accepting that the crowd must have it all figured it out and we must follow-- but to really stop and think personally, what do I want out of this life? And how does that affect what I should do now?

Will then gave a talk on John 5 with a very similar message, comparing how the Pool of Bethsheda, which was once thought to have healing powers, (but really just a pool with evaporating limestone),  is eerily similar to many of the future plans we may have in life. That these plans we hold now that we think may bring happiness in the future might not actually bring what is promised. Before quickly deciding how do we get to our "pool" in the future, we should examine our lives and determine what it's purpose should be right now. Lastly, the talk was an invitation to all to investigate who Jesus was, because He called everyone to a different purpose than what society says, and at the very least we should examine what this purpose is that Jesus calls us to embrace for ourselves.

The freshman then closed the program with a modern rendition of Keith Green's Your Love Broke Through. After the program, and talking to friends on what they got out of it, the freshman then had a time of food and fellowship at Carnegie, where they celebrated weeks of hard work and shared their experience of running such a night. It was just nine months ago, all the freshman arrived at UCSD for the first time, nobody knew eachother, but now they were co-laboring together, making a program to invite the people they know to come and see Jesus. And hopefully, for the rest of college, whether it be through big events, or a singular personal connection, that there will be many more nights like this one.