Recap: Take 2

We kicked off the Winter Quarter by a Sophomores-hosted event called Take 2. In it, Pastor Daniel looked at the movie Toy Story for themes on where we tend to find our value.

All week, we tabled and flyered on Library Walk. We even had a chalk wall where people could write about what the word "belong" means to them.

At the event, people munched on kettle corn as they watched clips of Buzz Lightyear's journey, where he goes from delusionally thinking he is an awesome space ranger, to becoming depressed when he realizes he's just a toy, and then finding a new sense of value and purpose when he realizes that he is loved and he belongs to someone.

Pastor Daniel paralleled this with the story of Zacchaeus from the Bible. Zacchaeus had a chip on his shoulder and felt like he had to prove his worth. But when he learns that he belongs to the Heavenly Father and is accepted as he is, he no longer needs to fight for his significance in this world because he has found true value. 

The sophomore band played "Remind Me Who I Am" by Jason Gray, then we hung out and had pizza at Round Table Pizza to end the night.

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