Music Mondays: "It is Finished" by Red Mountain Music

Music Mondays are back! To start us off, here's a song that I find myself humming quite often as I go about my day. It's called "It is Finished" and it's off of the album "Help My Unbelief" by Red Mountain Music.

Red Mountain Music is made by Red Mountain Church, a church in Alabama. They find forgotten hymn texts and crate new tunes. This particular album is comprised of humns pulled from William Gadsby's Gadsby's Hymns, which is itself a collection of hymns created in the mid-1800s. Notable contributors include Charles Wesley, Isaac Watts, and John Newton.

I often find that when I talk about hymns, it's best to let the hymns speak for themselves because they are so poignantly and powerfully written. But i must include why I love this song. It's because of this stanza below. 

Finished all the types and shadows
Of the ceremonial law
Finished all that God had promised
Death and hell no more shall awe
"It is finished, it is finished," saints from hence your comfort draw
"It is finished, it is finished," saints from hence your comfort draw


Christ finished all that God had promised, defeating death and hell. So we can draw our comforts from the fact that "It is finished."

Grace is greater than Law!

Happy Monday!

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