Music Mondays: "Your Love Remains" by The Brilliance

This is one of the most brilliant, profound, and sweetly beautiful pieces I’ve heard in a while.

Not only is the instrumental composed like a classical piece—it sounds like a movie soundtrack—it’s also very intelligently done. And I’m pointedly calling it a piece because it’s not just a song. It’s a psalm. It’s art.

Its surprisingly deep. Clearly gorgeous at first listen. But unpack it, and it unravels to be quietly profound, sweetly reflective, and realistically hopeful.

Warning: This one's long because I'm going to nerd out as a Comm major, music enjoyer, and God lover. So if you just want to listen, here's the video. But if you want to read, keep scrolling.

There’s so much that can be said. Like how it opens in the lower register but there's movement in the phrase, evoking somber sorrow but also tendernesss because of God's faithful love. Note how the singer savors the sweetness of "love" with a tenuto, as if he can't dare believe it. And how it builds to a breaking point when the soul cries out, with wave-like cadence, relentlessly but quietly, reaching out to God again and again in desperation. But it fades a little. As if almost giving up, as if to ask is God even listening?

Verse 2. Do you hear that violin ushering in hope and joy? Why is he hopeful and joyful when he's talking about his problems? Because even though he is weak, failing, faltering, God's love remains. He is accepted and loved as He is. God doesn't give up on him. God doesn't allow sin to have the final say. And that brings renewal, strength, courage to keep moving. And hope, so his soul can keep crying out to God. And that's where God wants us. At a place so broken we must rely on God. And God quiets him and meets him with tenderness. The focus isn't on our failings, but on God's character.

The climax is always the cry of the soul. The instruments swell, full force, yet fade quickly leaving just the voice to call out. Do you experience that? Your lives seems noisy--be it your circumstances, your emotions or your mind. Maybe you come to God with all these demands, all these questions, all this baggage, all these worries. But you hear a timely message, a piercing DT, wisdom from a leader, and they all fade away. What can you say in the face of God?

But because God is loving and compassionate, he reaches down and answers us with the quiet, arresting power of his tender love, compassion, and kindness. Never stamping us out, but embracing us. And we become silent in its wake. Because the answer we are looking for is always God’s love.

It’s a story that all Christian know to be true--being met by God. Maybe in frustration. Maybe in fear. Maybe at a low point in our lives, when our souls can barely even cry out. Yet in the end, God’s love is there to save us. Isn’t that who Christ is? God’s love embodied. God’s love with us.

Anyway, there’s really a lot more to say. But in the interest of time, I won’t go on. If you want to talk more, flag me down and we can nerd out together on how this piece was so excellently crafted to allow music and language to support each other to more perfectly and wonderfully communicate the Christian experience.