Bible Study + Cardboard Camelot!

This is the accurate account of what went down at Bible Study on Friday 10/23, from the perspective of a completely unbiased, objective, third-party observer who had absolutely no personal interest in the matter at all.

We started with a delicious dinner of chicken and rice, with chimichurri sauce. Then we split off, with some people taking different classes like Christian Formations. But many of us were in the “catch-all” bible study through John, where Will gave the message. The message was on John the Baptist and his clear identity and purpose in life to be the voice calling out in the wilderness make straight the path of the Lord. Then he challenged us about what our identity and purpose is.

Afterwards, we regrouped and Hardy and Justin led us in Cardboard Camelot. For those of you who don’t know the rules, they’re as follows:

  • Pick a (brother) knight.
  • Provide him with armor using cardboard, masking tape, scissors, and sharpie within 15 minutes.
  • Armor must include chest piece, helmet, weapon, leg coverings, arm coverings, shield.

To test their valor, each knight had to finish an obstacle course. They had to crawl under a table, run zig zag around chairs, and finally be subjected to a barrage of sisters with pillows (The Gauntlet). Knights were judged based on how they fared: agility, speed, and durability.

Highlights of the night include:

  • Zhuofan who had to part ways with his ship-shield so he could crawl
  • Oscar getting knocked off his feet by sisters
  • And an unrecognizable student who got shoved back into The Gauntlet.'

Two winners were chosen. The Best Dressed Award went to Muir Knight: durable box-like armor and a symbolic weapon of a tree.

The “judges” "said" that the “Revelle” knight as the “winner" (left). But come on, we all know who really won. Marshall Knight (right). His armor was an engineering spectacle. And oh man, that artwork on his shield. Beautiful.

Again, totally objective perspective. I’m just stating it like how it happened.

Joking aside, it's kind of amazing what we can come up with in 15 minutes. There were some pretty fabulous, impressive, and creative knights. Kudos to all the teams for all their hard work!

To see more pictures of this event, check out our Flickr.