Home Group Bible Study and RIMAC Sports Night!

On Friday 10/16 We had our second home group bible study! Each home group started off with dinner, and then an ice breaker. Then they went into a message review on last Sunday's message.

Afterwards, we all gathered for the year's first RIMAC Sports Night. We divided into teams by class. The freshman class was so big, they had to split into 2 teams. Each time was tasked to come up with a team name and cheer to intimidate the opposition (re: be silly for the sake of fellowship).

We had 3 classic A2F games going on: Braveheart, dodgeball, and handball. Now, for those of you who don't know, These aren't sports that require feats of athleticism. Actually, the name of the game is team work and strategy. Which is why the older ones typically win. 

And for a while, it looked like the older ones WOULD win. By the 3rd round, the Seniors were undefeated  and eagerly awaiting their last victims: the freshmen. It was a classic older sibling-younger sibling showdown, where the seniors show the freshmen what 4 years of Sports Nights can do. Except for one minor factor: the freshmen were undefeated as well...!

That's right. Team Freshmen 1 was 2 for 2, and on an adrenaline rush. Facing off against a Goliath of sorts, but pumped and ready to win. The final battleground? Handball.

As it was, the seniors stood no chance. The freshman goalie was taller than the goal. 

And in a major, never-been-done-before, upset, the freshmen won Sports Night.