Music Mondays: "The Revelation of Jesus Christ" by Ghost Ship

Well, technically it's Music Tuesdays.

Anyone feeling kind of tired lately? Maybe it's the change of weather or the promise of Thanksgiving break so close yet so far, but there seems to be a general sense of tiredness.

My playlist was on shuffle today and this song came on, and it was such a warm and timely reminder that the blood of Christ renews. There are some apt and basic reminders in here that can really help revive you: you are God's people. He is our God. Christ is making all things new. The purchase of our souls has been finished. God's words are trustworthy and true. He will satisfy your thirst. The former things will end. I think these truths really help to put things in perspective.

Don't know how this week's treating you so far, but I hope you can find encouragement from this song like I did. 

He who is seated on the throne
Said "I am making all things new"
He said "It is finished .
Hear these words
They are trustworthy and true"
He is the Alpha and the Omega
The beginning and the end
And to the thirsty He will give water
From a river with no end.

Wipe away every tear from our eyes
Death will be no more

All this mourning
All this crying
All this death we've seen
All these broken things
Will end
All our pain
All this death we've seen
All the former things
Will end