Thanksgiving Retreat is This Week!!

Thanksgiving Retreat begins this Friday!

There's an excitement and wonder and gladness to be able to recount all the ways that God has worked in our midst in this past year, not just in our church but across all our churches. We are such forgetful people. We can barely remember what happened last week. But this is a time to hear testimonies and sharings about what God has done, how He has answered prayers, worked beyond our understanding, and enveloped all of us into His greater salvation story.

Get excited, young'uns! This year's theme is "God's Story, My Story" and we'll be looking back and telling stories the church/ministry from its inception to now. It'll help us all to understand our interconnectedness, and that God's work didn't begin when we entered our campus. He has been working even before.

Anyway, all this to say that I'm excited, and you should be too!

Sign ups are here. It's not too late!