Music Mondays: Thanksgiving Edition


With the Thanksgiving season coming to a close and Christmas season on its way, I wanted to do a quick Music Mondays post on 2 songs that we as a church were blessed by this past month.

The first song was a special song sung at the Socal Thanksgiving Retreat at Biola Universty 2 Saturdays ago. The song is called "What a Day It Will Be" by Greg Furguson. This song is kind of an oldie, but I was really moved when we heard it because they sang it after showing the ECM video. The ECM video was about the urgency of the need for the Gospel, and the hope that we have in heaven. 

Another special song is the one our church sang during Thanksgiving Celebration last week. It's called "Nothing Else I Need" by Jeremy Camp. This is a beautiful song of surrendering our lives to God in light of who God is, and how God responds.

When I think of all I've seen
Nothing compares to what you give
And to drink of what you bring
You quench the thirst for me to live
I am satisfied by what tenderness you've shown to me
And I empty all that I am

And you fill my life, you're everything to me
And there's nothing else I need anymore
And I know you are everything to me
And there's nothing else I need anymore