Thanksgiving Retreat

Thanksgiving Retreat is a time where we can recount the ways in which God has worked in our church this past year. For weeks, each church plans and creates a video to show all the other churches that tells a story about the church. This year, the theme of our retreat was His Story, Our Story, or rather how our lives are a part of God’s greater story.

We kicked off the retreat on Friday at Bible Study at Hojel this year. Pastor Ed came and spoke to us about how gratitude is remembering, and remembering means to piece together our past to be able to see the narrative of our lives. This is important because gratitude is the humble way of seeing more of reality, and having a proper account of your past and see how loved we are by God, so we can respond with our future.

We watched 3 videos: The Historian Report, Minnesota’s video and Davis’ video.

The following day, all the SoCal churches gathered together at Biola University. After a message by Pastor Ed, and worship, we watched the remaining videos. For lunch and dinner, we ate at the cafeteria and got to meet so many different people from all the different church plants. In the evening, we had ice breaker time at the top of a parking garage, where we played games and got to know each other better.

Here are some pictures!