Recap: ALive @ Hojel Auditorium

And that's a wrap! Wow, after 4 weeks of intense practice, memorizing lines, gathering costumes, making props, and so much more...we are done with ALive! This past Saturday was a whirlwind of costumes, hair, makeup, practices, lighting, and stage time before show time in the evening. What was even more exciting was seeing our friends from A2F LA & USC, A2F Irvine, and A2F Riverside. They came down to help us with a lot of background work, from setting up delicious refreshments that we enjoyed after ALive to the awesome welcome table. Thank you for your help!

We performed three skits for ALive. The frosh did a musical skit about three people contemplating how life would be so much better if they just had that something else. The sophomores performed a skit comprised of multiple vignettes (some hilarious, some heartbreaking) that explained the Gospel. The juniors and seniors brought down the house with the closing skit about five people in a 'waiting room' - one newcomer learns what keeps the other four from following God. Check out the slideshow of pictures below. Great job everybody!