Thank You Pastor Daniel and Sarah!

On Sunday night, we had a farewell for Pastor Daniel and Sarah as they headed out from San Diego and back to our Gracepoint Berkeley church to help with the college fellowships there. We were sad to say goodbye but we're so thankful for their sacrificial love and service for A2F and Gracepoint San Diego these past 4 years. 

We started off the farewell with an epic dessert & snacks potluck. It was supposed to be only appetizers and desserts, but just for this occasion, someone brought a roasted pig!

The staff and students had a special farewell program for Pastor Daniel and Sarah complete with photos of Pastor Daniel and Sarah throughout the years, a walk down memory lane of funny times as they led A2F, and some musical performances. Class of 2014 performed two hilarious song and dance numbers thanking Pastor Daniel and Sarah. We also had a special presentation from the students and post-grads who had made a salvation decision over the past 4+ years, sharing one word of how they were before becoming Christian and how they are now after becoming Christian. After the program, Pastor Daniel and Sarah shared with everybody and we had a chance to pray for them. 

Thank you Pastor Daniel and Sarah for your love, perseverance, hard work, and sacrifice over these years as you built up the San Diego church and led A2F. We'll miss you so much but we're excited to see how God will work through you both as you head back to Berkeley.