The Start of Something New(ish)

Being a college-centric ministry, the new school year is always an exciting time for us. That being said, we are really gearing up for this new fall quarter. We've been planning events, meeting new people, handing out flyers, and playing a lot of games. 

Last night, we had our first few events. Lots of frisbee and pizza was had. But most importantly, we got to hang out with the incoming freshmen.

We've got more coming up today.
Frisbee & hot dogs at 6PM at Warren Quad
Boba & Boardgames at 6:30PM at NSB
Frisbee & Popsicles at 6PM at Marshall Field
Aaannddd Ramen Party at I-Center at 8PM!!

Here are some photos from the Seniors' event last night: