New Student Welcome Night

If ever there was a night to not miss, it would be this one: New Student Welcome Night. 

Our biggest event of Welcome Week started with a packed day. At 12:30 PM, we unloaded the trucks and started setting everything up in preparation for the big night. From registration, the decorations, lighting, sound, and of course, grilling the meat.

Lots of meat.

7 PM was showtime. We started off with a video and skit, followed by the message by Richard, and some special music. Richard's message talked about the pool of Bethesda and how we are all searching for pools that would satisfy us, but they don't really. He issued a challenge to use the 4 years of college to investigate Christianity as it is the only pool that satisfies. Then we ended with special music.

After the program finished, we mingled while we enjoyed the promised Korean BBQ and Root beer floats!

In total, there were almost 700 people who came, and we had to turn some people away after the room reached capacity. Many people were able to hear the message and the challenge to investigate Christianity during college, and many responded by signing up for Course 101!