Recap: Coronado Outing

On Saturday, the freshman class took an outing to the sandy shores of the Coronado Beach. The getaway was filled with activity – after a brief icebreaker, we split up into homegroups for a sand-sculpting contest! Homegroups worked hard to build the sand sculpture that best represents their college, using only the beach’s imported sand, a few shovels, buckets, and popsicle sticks! Many homegroups exhibited great attention to detail with their creations. One resourceful group incorporated seaweed into their design, while another group incorporated… abs?! Interesting.

Then the competition continued with beach volleyball and ultimate Frisbee! It was a wonderful showing of epic catches, great hustle, and sportsmanship. As always, running around in the sand left many of us hungry and excited to eat. Dinner included hot dogs and hobo packs, which smelled and tasted amazing. Shout out to Tony Sun, who prepared all the food for us! As the sky darkened, we sat around bonfires, telling stories, hanging out, and getting to know one another over s’mores, a tasty conclusion to the day. Be sure to join us on our next outing!