Recap: Valentines Day of Compassion

Valentine's Day is usually a day associated with heart-shaped chocolates and romantic love. But here at A2F, Valentine's Day has a brand new meaning. It started in 2006, when a few  sisters in our Gracepoint Berkeley Church decided to do something different. Valentines Day, or now often called Valentine's Day of Compassion (VDOC) is now a day where we get to share the love of God to those who are often forgotten.

So this year, each homegroup went to a different convalescent home. From each visit, many of us were able to use our short time together to engage in spiritual conversations with the residents there. We then ran a short program of singing about the love of God and closed with a gospel-centered message, an invitation to them to accept God's love into their life. Then we gave them simple gifts, attached with a bible verse to encourage them as they go through the final stages of life. 

Our time in these homes were short, but hopefully the memories and message of this day will last. For some of us this was our first time sharing our faith to others. For others, this VDOC was just one of many done in the past. But we all came away with the idea that Valentine's Day can be a day that is more than just loving ourselves.