Recap: Staff vs. Student Soccer Match

There's no other team more closely followed than our students' IM soccer team. After scoring their first goal of the season in their final match, the staff challenged them to a staff vs students game after church. 4:30PM. Be there or be square.

It wasn't long after kick off when the students scored the first goal. Roars could be heard from the side lines, both cheers of joy from the students and loud, rambunctious booing from the staff.

However, the lead wasn't held for long. The staff scored a point, and then another. And that was the game.

This is the abridged version, of course. It didn't happen that fast. But that's the gist of it. There was half time, and some memorable moments like Dan Kinder and Jessica colliding. Or the students almost scoring because the staff goalie was on the floor. But I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

I think the life lesson we can all learn here is that experience and wisdom outmatches youthful vigor. And also, slightly-less youthful vigor, though not as vigorous as in its former days, still got it.

I here there's a rematch coming up soon, probably next quarter.