Recap: Bowling at Aztec Lanes!

As spring quarter began, all the homegroups met together at Hojel for TFN! A lot of us had just finished finals two weeks ago, and then went home for spring break, so it was a nice time to gather back together and see familiar faces once again as we started a new quarter.

 We're happy to see eachother!

We're happy to see eachother!

Tony then gave a message on Daniel 1, where he challenged us to take our Christian identity seriously and be a living witness for Jesus to rest of the campus, just like Daniel was when he lived in Babylon under the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar.  We also studied Daniel and his relationships with his friends and how they also stood strong in times of trial. Through that, we were able to see a real life example of the church community banding together, which really gave us a deep appreciation on how we were all suppose to relate each other. Not just as friends, but co-laborers in carrying on God’s mission.

After some sharing time in our peer groups, we then headed to SDSU’s Aztec Lanes for bowling. We almost saw everything, from gutter balls, to turkeys, to some of the craziest spins you never thought would be possible in a bowling alley. Outside of bowling, some of us played ping-pong, table tennis, and board games to close the night.

Not all of us are great bowlers, but we had a memorable time watching and competing with each other in the bowling alley!