Recap: Seniors Yosemite Trip!

This past weekend, the seniors went on a class trip to Yosemite National Park with Tony and Michelle! It was a great time of hanging out, hiking, and appreciating both the majesty of God’s creation and the precious relationships He has given us.

 El Capitan @ Yosemite!

El Capitan @ Yosemite!

On Saturday morning, we went over the past week’s DT passages, reflecting on the portraits of God that were highlighted through the verses. Afterwards, we hiked up the Nevada Falls trail. Saturday was a beautiful day, with clear skies and we were awestruck by the waterfalls, sheer cliffs, and view at the top of the hike.

Sunday morning began with breakfast at Yosemite House, followed by Sunday service, where we watched Pastor Ed’s message about truth-haters. He talked about how easy it is to surround ourselves with people who will tell us what we want to hear instead of the truth, which can be uncomfortable. He also encouraged us to lovingly tell the truth to those around us. Our day was spent with visit to see the upper and lower Yosemite falls. The trip came to a close with the sudden arrival of rain and hail, which prompted us to retreat into our minivans and make the return journey back to San Diego.

For many of us, this trip was a much-needed getaway from school and work to be able to better enjoy one another’s company and marvel at the splendor of our God!