Recap: RE:fresh!

Acts2Fellowship has been at UCSD for almost six years now, so the opportunity for a "first" nowadays are few and far between. But this past Friday, we did something we've never done before--an outreach night called Re:Fresh done only by the freshmen class!

So for three weeks, with a little coaching from the freshman staff, the students tirelessly practiced everything that goes into an outreach night, from the ambiance in the room, welcoming people, making food, performing skits, and creating special music. It was a lot of work, but it was all in the hope of making a program that everyone could invite their friends too. That perhaps through coming, they would see what Acts2fellowship is about, and really investigate for themselves the bigger questions in life.

During the program, the freshman performed the "Race of a Lifetime Skit", and through that we saw a picture of how we should actually approach life--not mindlessly following the crowd, accepting that the crowd must have it all figured it out and we must follow-- but to really stop and think personally, what do I want out of this life? And how does that affect what I should do now?

Will then gave a talk on John 5 with a very similar message, comparing how the Pool of Bethsheda, which was once thought to have healing powers, (but really just a pool with evaporating limestone),  is eerily similar to many of the future plans we may have in life. That these plans we hold now that we think may bring happiness in the future might not actually bring what is promised. Before quickly deciding how do we get to our "pool" in the future, we should examine our lives and determine what it's purpose should be right now. Lastly, the talk was an invitation to all to investigate who Jesus was, because He called everyone to a different purpose than what society says, and at the very least we should examine what this purpose is that Jesus calls us to embrace for ourselves.

The freshman then closed the program with a modern rendition of Keith Green's Your Love Broke Through. After the program, and talking to friends on what they got out of it, the freshman then had a time of food and fellowship at Carnegie, where they celebrated weeks of hard work and shared their experience of running such a night. It was just nine months ago, all the freshman arrived at UCSD for the first time, nobody knew eachother, but now they were co-laboring together, making a program to invite the people they know to come and see Jesus. And hopefully, for the rest of college, whether it be through big events, or a singular personal connection, that there will be many more nights like this one.