Recap: The Letters - Week 2!

This past Friday, we continued with our Letter's message series, as we are trying to increase our domain knowledge in the epistles. Continuing from last week's content on Ephesians, we finished the rest of the book, going through Ephesians 4-6. If you want to follow along for yourself, the doodle is online here!

 Studying Ephesians together!

Studying Ephesians together!

To test who could remember the most from studying the whole book of Ephesians the past two weeks, we had a friendly class competition of Jeopardy! on the content. It was a competitive game, but if my memory recalls, the seniors came out on top! Will then closed our time talking about what Paul meant when he told the Ephesians in chapter 4  to "Walk in a manner worthy of the Lord".

It's been pretty amazing how we just learned a whole book of the Bible in just a few hours! I believe next week we will be moving on to Philippians..


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