Recap: Winter Retreat!

Usually Julian is known for it's apple pies, but this year, we went to Julian for our annual winter retreat! So during the MLK weekend, we left our busy lives at UCSD at headed to the mountains of Julian for a time of fellowship and hearing God's word.

Pastor Jonathan from our Berkeley Church came to speak us to this time and through his messages, he had us reexamine what it means to be a Christian today through studying characters in the bible such as Pharaoh and the Demon-Possessed Man. He also challenged us whether as Christians were we actually followers or admirers of Jesus.

We also learned about Heroes of Faith in the past, teachers and missionaries such as John Wesley, Verent Mills, CT Studd and Gladys Aylward who showed a devotion to God that almost seemed unheard of in society today. 

By the end of the retreat, there were about 20 Salvation/Lordship Decisions! We were really blessed by the messages and enjoyed taking time to spend with one another away from school. But as we left the mountain, and returned to the normalcy of college life, we were reminded to carry on the the unfinished task to the people we know and our campus, just like the many Heroes of Faith before us.