Welcome to Tommy and Wendy's Homegroup! We like to think of homegroups as a small community of people who meet regularly to grow in their spiritual journeys with God and build lifelong relationships along the way.  From low-key hangouts to beach bonfires, we hope you can find a home away from home here! So whether you grew up in the church or are investigating Christianity for the first time, our homegroup is a place for people of all religious backgrounds, so we invite you to join us and check us out at any of our events! 



Wednesday, 12/6/17

Prayer @ 9PM: If you want a place to pray and reflect, come join us for open prayer time! Feel free to drop by at any time!



Friday, 12/8/17

Special Talk @ 7PM: Come join us this Friday for a special talk where we'll be exploring the question of suffering. We'll start with dinner and after TFN and afterwards, we'll have our annual Christmas party!



Saturday, 12/9/17

Study Hall @ 1PM: Need a place to study? Come join us in Revelle Conference Rooms A/B. Feel free to join us at any time! Snacks and dinner provided.



Sunday, 12/3/17

SWS @ 2:30PM: Join us for our Sunday Worship Service at Preuss School with our fellow brothers and sisters for a time of praise and a message! 

If you're taking Course 101, please be at Preuss by 1:30PM

If you need a ride, we'll be meeting at Pangea @ 3PM! :)


Looking for a church?

Many of us go to Gracepoint San Diego. Contact us for more information!