Welcome to Tommy and Wendy's Homegroup!

Welcome to Tommy and Wendy's Homegroup!  We like to think of homegroups as a small community of people who meet regularly to grow in their spiritual journeys with God and build lifelong relationships along the way.  Whether you grew up in the church or are investigating Christianity for the first time, our homegroup is a place for people of all religious backgrounds, so we invite you to join us and check us out at any of our events!


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Wednesday, 10/18/17

Open Prayer @ 9PM: Come join us for open prayer time where you can spend some personal time in prayer!


FRIDAY, 10/20/17

TFN @ 8PM: Join us for our TFN Bible Study as we start off the night with dinner by separate homegroups and explore the question, "What do you think about the AFTERLIFE?" through an engaging talk altogether. Join us afterwards for a hangout time!



Sunday, 10/22/17

SWS @ 4PM: Join us for our Sunday Worship Service at Preuss School (near Sixth College) with our fellow brothers and sisters for a time of praise and a message! We'll be having dinner all together as well. :)

If you're taking Course 101, please be at Preuss by 2PM.


Looking for a church?

Many of us go to Gracepoint San Diego. Contact us for more information!