Upcoming Events:

Welcome to UCSD!

acts2fellowship is a Christian fellowship at UCSD. We meet every week to study the Bible, have fun, talk about life, and build lasting friendships. Whether you're a Christian who wants to grow in your faith, or someone simply curious about what Christianity is all about, we invite you to come check us out!

We'll be meeting for Bible study this Friday by homegroups. Please contact your staff for more information!


Want to get plugged-in and see what A2F is all about? Join one of our Homegroups!

Homegroups are that home-away-from-home where you'll find other students you can build lasting relationships with, learn about God's purpose for us in a small group setting, lean on someone during a hard week, and get recharged by God's word (and maybe some boba too)! Click on the links below to see what's going on at your college! We hope you'll join us!